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Everyday Reflections

Vydavatelství: IPA Slovakia, s.r.o.
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10,30 €cena bez DPH
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Všetko okolo nás sa rúti veľkou rýchlosťou, ktorá nás niekedy strháva. Nemáme čas zastaviť sa, popremýšľať nad tým, kde sme a kam kráčame. Porozumieť sebe a ísť po správnej ceste je základom úspechu v živote i v podnikaní.
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The book "Everyday Reflections” contains reflections and articles which analyse the world of managers from a broader interconnection of life and searching for its sense. A lot of books for managers offer "a set of the best practices or quick paths to success”. This book contains reflections of a man who himself is a manager and at the same time an advisor to entrepreneurs and managers. The author does not look for answers but for questions. He does not use the word "how” but mainly "why”. In reflections the situations from the company and personal life overlap. The first part of the book involves personal reflections and contemplations. The second part contains ideas that have a more professional character and encourage managers and entrepreneurs to take a new view of their work and life. "In the current accelerating world we have no time for questions. However, we will seek in vain for correct answers without questions,” the author writes. He aims his questions at many "paradogmas” of the current management and world. A company is not a machine and the people inside it are not cogs. Our life is not a race against time. It is necessary to pause and listen to things we cannot hear in the everyday clamor, and to see things we cannot see when we are always hurrying somewhere.

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